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Power Capacity

6 MW--WHR Based
14MW-- FBC Based

The proposed plant shall be configured with 3 nos of Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (WHRB) of capacity of 10 TPH each Boiler operating at 67 kg/cm2 and 485±5°C

The balance steam for generating the rated power will be generated by one nos. of Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler (AFBC) using Coal and Char of capacity 80 TPH operating at 67 kg/cm2 and 485±5°C.

  The proposed one 20 MW Steam Turbine shall have one uncontrolled extraction connected to one constant pressure       detector normally working at 125°C feed water temperature.

The steam generated in the boilers would be sufficient to generate 20.0 MW of power.
  The feed water system of Boilers is sized to support the installed capacity of boilers to enable 20 MW power       generation.

 One induced draft RCC counter flow Cooling Tower with three cells of adequate capacity to meet the design operating       point of the proposed CPP is envisaged

 1 x 15 m3/hr rated flow capacity single stream fully manual operated outdoor type DM plant is envisaged for the       proposed CPP.
 All electrical equipment will conform to relevant IS/IEC standards and recommendations of IEEE standards.

 One centralized Control System is envisaged for the operation of major equipment (Boiler, STG, CW System) in the       plant and other auxiliary systems (Compressors and DM plant) shall be operated from their relay based local control       panels/stations.

 The steam at required parameter to STG would be provided through a main steam header. All Boilers will be       connected     to this main steam header. The variation in the steam generation of WHRB will vary in line with the       variation in the hot     gas  parameters and its flow. As discussed above, the total steam requirement for 20 MW power       generation, as per the     suppliers of turbine and generator, shall be minimum 80 TPH operating at 67 kg/cm2 and       485±5°C. Therefore, the heat     energy available from 300 TPD DRI kilns feeding to 3X10 TPH capacity WHRB boilers       & one 80 TPH capacity FBC     boiler  will be sufficient for generating sufficient steam to run 20 MW turbine and       generator. As per the standard practice     and  efficiency ratio of turbines clubbed with generation system, the average       steam requirement for generation of 1 MW     works  out to 4 TPH with specified temperature and pressure of steam,       as such each of the boilers (WHRB & FBC)     have been  selected with higher rated capacities for the reasons       elaborated below-

 Most of the power generated is to be consumed by the melt shop & rolling sections of the unit and to ensure      continuous power supply to these sections, even if DRI plant is completely shut down, FBC boiler will generate      adequate  power to feed both melt shop & rolling mill.

The rotary kilns in the DRI section will be subjected to regular annual maintenance at different intervals, so that at       least two of the kilns are always operational and generating adequate heat to feed WHRB boilers connected to it and       providing minimum 20 TPH of steam for turbine/generator.


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